AQUA Prince 3-Stage Jumbo Filter & Water Softener

Does the water in your home not make foam easily when using soaps while taking a bath? Are your skin and hair remaining dry even if you have used many expensive shampoos and skin lotions? Is it difficult to wash your clothes? Do you see your kettles trimming out & your machines becoming less efficient due to lime blockage? It means the water running through the pipes in your home is hard and contains high amounts of dissolved calcium and magnesium compounds that are causing its hardness and you need a water softener.

AQUA PRINCE presents a Water Softener System with 3-Stage Jumbo Filters that not only remove hardness from your water but also purify the water out of containments that are unhealthy for you or unpleasant to drink. This is a whole-house filtration system enough to fulfill the water needs in your Villas (Homes), lodging and eatery places, Schools, and Work Camps.


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About Us

We recognize the value of clean and safe water in both residential and commercial settings as a leading water equipment selling company in Dubai. We try to provide cutting-edge products that provide the greatest levels of water quality, efficiency, and dependability.

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